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Saturday, November 1, 2008

Elephant Beuty and Elephant Walk Policy

Elephants - Temple elephants are an integral part in the life of Keralites. Especially, if you are from Trichur area. The attachment towards the animal and interaction are very emotional and sensitive that they even address them by names and from ancient times there are several stories propagating the love and affection between man and elephant.
An Elephant's walk is a beauty to watch. However, imagine a situation if it get's wild. You just have to do a small search on youtube, you will see several videos of attacks by wild and angry elephant's killing it's mahout or others who come across.

Out of love and passion for the animal, I too have developed a very important Management Principle based on Elephant, closely following it's gentle and beautiful walking style which is a beauty to watch and it's actions terrorising all when it is wild. I have termed it as ELEPHANT WALK POLICY. It is somewhat related to our Gandhian and Hitler's philosphies and principles. Ist part of this principle follows Gandhi. Be mild - as mild as you can till you cannot tolerate any more when you may change over and follow Hitler and be wild and aggressive - as aggressive as you can. Create a wild impact and then let this impact force the results. It may be harmful, but till you shift the gear to Hitler, be a Gandhian.

Photos: PN Subramanian

at Mulakunnathakavu