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Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Demise of my beloved wife

 My late wife Pushpa

It is with deep anguish that I am to inform about the sad demise of my beloved wife on the 7th February (Current month) at the age of 64. She was able to withstand the pains of her ailment for over an year but she gave up at the end. Last November, she fell down and got her thigh bone broken. She was operated and a plate was screwed up. After 3 months she was able to move around with the help of a walker.  Unfortunately around May 1010, the plate fixed up also got broken and the surgeon attending her wanted to wait for few more months (before performing another operation) anticipating that the bones may get joined automatically. All the time she was bed ridden and under medication. She was already suffering from Arthritis for over two decades.

In between she developed Urinary track infection for which she was repeatedly treated. Because of prolonged bed rest, another problem which became painful were the bed sores right under her buttocks which were refusing to heal because of the dressings getting wet during urination. Finally Catheters were used assuming that the bed sores could become dry before we do the second operation. However they worked for two days and then got blocked because of the  puss mixed infected particles coming out. For the next two days urination stopped totally and we had to rush her to a nearby hospital.

After a day things improved a little. Various examinations were carried out. The blood examination revealed  that the haemoglobin level was 4.2 as against the normal 11.5. Similarly the platelets count was also alarmingly low. The WBC and other ingredients were also low. As an immediate step, two units of blood (O-) was given along with platelets. This brought about marginal improvement the next day. On the fourth day in the Intensive Care Unit, things went beyond our control. Since the bodies immunity was at its lowest, deterioration was faster and within a couple of hours, I was shocked to be informed by the doctors that she has suffered Cardiac arrest.

The next day we brought the body home and arranged her cremation. Alas! I could have brought her back alive.

Now let her Soul rest in peace.

(Note: I shall be away from my desolated home for over a month visiting my mother and relations and therefore will not be contributing anything here)