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Sunday, August 17, 2008

Birth Place of Buddha - Controversy

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  1. dont be afraid to approve my comment

  2. http://worldamity.wordpress.com/2010/02/14/nepal%E2%80%99s-lumbini-buddhas-borthplace/jst beoc nepal is poor and doesn't hav power, so india always take advantage of that. ALl it does is to take control over our country.
    If this keep happening India will say Mt. everest is in india lol.
    chandi chowk to india was really funny movie to watch lmao

    haha for sure u might not understand nepali, but u might wanna knw abt history of nepal my great nepal


    heard india is buildidng lumbini hahaha bullshit

    conclusins"indians r indians" lmao

  3. hi. to every one . All the history are mixed with myth and fantasy so with out proper historical date we can say exactly but we can guess by some historical proofs . Many western scholars and people know Nepal as a wings or part of India, as if Nepal is not a sovereign and an independent country.The knowledge about Nepal is less to westerners or just misinformed by Indian scholars and people . As we know the geography of Nepal exist which is in between China and India.The Hindu or Aryan cultural influence exists in Nepal so scholars say is former India . Okey ,it can be accepted when the word signifies entire geography of south Asia otherwise it is totally miscalculation to denote Nepal as India. There is no historical data when India or Nepal born or created but politically India was born after independent from British and Nepal was created early 19th. century before India as a nation . Present India and Nepal were ruled by different dynasties in several parts . Nepal organized it self but India organized roughly by British. Here my word is ,through historical facts and proofs it is true that Lumbini was part of Nepal and where there Budhha was born . But who can say the word like this "Budhha was born North part of India present Nepal ".It was never been part of India before and after it is territory of Nepal.Whoever Budhha was in the list of history or in philosophical or religious part how one can be mad Budhha was Indian because the place where
    Sakya kingdom under Nepal.Many people from that dynasty spread in Nepal and India,now they some Indian citizen and some Neplese citizen .When the indian citizen say Budhha was born in India does it makes any sense of logic. The logic is Budhha was born in Nepal, simply; no need to say other things .If not the people who say Budhha was born in India they should present he proof the birth of entire India and the historical data when Lumbini was under the Indian government or kingdom.No proof no claim .

    Next, the word 'india'is misused by western and present people of India in the prospective , does it mean sovereign country India or South Asia.It is the real culprit in the knowlede of Nepal and other South Asian countries by westerns . The linguists should give their proper solution of it .Otherwise in understanding to Nepal and India is totally corrupt and rubbish knowledge to them . thx.