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Saturday, November 20, 2010

Home Making - Weaver Birds

Recently I came across a video of the Weaver Birds 
building their nests. It is really enjoyable


  1. पहली बार ढंग का घर बनते देखा है. ये हैं समझदार लोग. आपका आभार.

  2. Really wonderful! loved it.. shall show this to my son too!

  3. वास्तव में घर बनाना मेहनत और महारथ की बात है।

  4. Hello PNS,

    This is a lovely video. Without the modern equipments, without an architect,with a drawn out plan,without hands these birds build a fine nest for them to live comfortably and multiply. It is amazing to see that these birds are endowed with so much knowledge although they don't read books, don't attend classes and don't pass exams.

    God has given them everything they need to live and enjoy their lives.It is only we human beings blessed with so many things, complain and grumble and want more and more.

    Many thanks for this wonderful video.

    The blog award looks fantastic and looks grand on the white background.

    Best wishes,

  5. Lovely.. it shows how simple and complex are deeply connected.

  6. hello
    this is a lovely and mind blowing video.. thanks a lot sir for uploading this. this a kudrat ka karishma in true sense :D

  7. .

    Subramanian Sir,

    It's a great video indeed. Giving us a lesson for hard work and self reliance.

    After watching the video , the thoughts that crossed my mind is beautifully presented by Mr. Joseph.

    Thanks and regards,


  8. Excellent video. Most interesting activity I watched in recent times. Thank you so much for sharing this, I showed my daughters too.

  9. First time here. It is wonderful . My daughter is amazed seeing this. Thanks for sharing this

  10. So beautiful and fascinating.
    I replayed it thrice.

  11. great video indeed... fascinating and interesting activity ......Thanks for sharing...

  12. Wow, such a nice video.Recently i saw artificial nests made of coir being sold near Alleppey. We cannot compare the natural with the man made ones.

  13. thanks for visiting my wordpress blog. Following you.

  14. Weaver's nest is an architectural feat. It was fascinating to view the bird in the process of making the nest. Nature has endowed even the birds and animals with such amazing inherent skills.

    As a token for my appreciation for your blogs, there is an award waiting for you at my blog. Please collect :)

  15. @Amrita:

    Hoh! It was so nice of you to pass on the award to me. I shall proudly display it in my side panel. Thanks once again.

  16. Wow that was a nice video. never seen an architect/builder in action before :)

  17. Dear Subramanian
    Thank you very much for your appreciation at my Venice blog.
    You really have a great place...now i can have some quality time reading your postings..very nice indeed. I am following you.
    Have a nice day

  18. Nice video !!
    I think every one should feel what parrents do for their children..
    And what we children do after growing we leave that home and parents .....

    From People of rewa city

  19. Fantastic. Wonderful and amazing video.

  20. it is really appreciation to human beaing .