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Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Wild growing vegetation at Paliakara

All  my brothers and sisters had assembled at our native place in Kerala to celebrate our father’s 100th birthday during November 2011. I was moving around the outer fencing and I found a wild growth of vegetation surrounding it. There were some unknown creepers as well with their beautiful blooms. It became irresistible for me and I called for a camera to honour them. Some of them looked closer to what we grow at our homes. It is not that they never grew in the past, simply put it,  they remained ignored. Perhaps they were considered as outcastes. I would appeal to my knowledgeable friends to help in their identification. Here they go: 


  1. Hi PNS,

    Very interesting and lovely photos.Some of these flowers and plants I have seen myself but somehow they did not attract my attention. But I think now I must spend some time to closely observe them.Some of these flowers are very beautiful. In fact recently when I was walking on a road in Kumarakam, I came across a lovely small wild flower which captured my attention. When I get sufficient no of such flowers photographed, I will surely post them in my blog. Many thanks for opening my eyes to the immense beauty of these gorgeous but ignored plants and flowers.

    Best wishes,

  2. Lovely captures. Seeing a touch me not flower after a long time.

  3. Awesome Photographs………..giftwithlove.com

  4. I can't help in identifying any of the plants and flowers but I love the fact that you took the time to actually SEE them. I often wonder what I miss when I rush around !
    Thank you for visiting my blog and I will come back to yours often.

  5. All of them are beautiful, it needs a nature lover's eye to capture so well. I specially like the creeper going up the tree, looks like it loves the tree with all its heart and soul, and never wants to stay away from the tree. Gorgeous!

  6. BTW. Happy Pongal to you too!
    A belated Happy Birthday to your 100 year old father!

    1. nice..your plants and flowers are lovely...100 birthday...that is very cool...

  7. Beautiful captures all!!!

    Happy Pongal!

  8. Beautiful flowers. Is the second flower "touch me not"? I have never thought it would look that great when photographed.

  9. WOW, Happy Birthday to your father!!! 100 years old??!!! That is amazing, God Bless Him :)) These photos are so soothing and peaceful, I just love this post!!

  10. beautiful photos ! thanks for stopping by :)

  11. Here's wishing you father a very happy birthday and many many happy returns of the day , please do extend my regards to him ..

    The first flower in the picture , I have it in my garden in Blue color.. and its so beautoiful when in full bloom.. I had actually plucked it when i was on one of my walks and brought home ..

    I also have that yellow with maroon middle in my garden , next time i go out to buy or meet someone will ask the name

    the last one is some sort of Fern ..

    cant identify by name sorry that is not my strong point ..


  12. What a pretty and colorful collection .A Very Happy Birthday To You father .Please convey him my best regards.

  13. The 9th picture, the flower is called Heliconia. We have this plant in our garden, there are many varieties of the same plant, but generally they are called Heliconia. They also come and 2/3 colors.

  14. Wild growth is so beautiful....you caught it well with the pics

  15. @rama:
    I fear, it is not Heliconia. It is wild but reckoned as a medicinal plant. I have a separate post on Heliconia under ""All my posts" appearing at the right side.

  16. Beautiful flowers. First one is perhaps honeysuckle. Unable to identify the rest.

  17. i am very much admired for the art of ur photography 1st flower is lantana camara an african wild plant which was brought by britishers and it has covered a large number of hill area and plain area and dangered the fertility.Mr.Chandrasekhar an school teacher of uttarakhand has invented the way to destroy it he was recognized for this.and i feel 12th plant is laajvanti and last one is pepper.further if u hav time see my blog post on 14th jan.u ll be surprized.its so nice to remember ur father on his 100th birthday at ur native place with the memory and surroundings of him.

  18. beautiful collection of flowers, each created by nature

    thanks for visiting my blog

  19. Very beautiful and variety of colourful flowers as well as the lovely and rare species of plants. Gorgeous photos.

  20. What a great way to celebrate such a milestone in your fathers life. Such vibrant colours, isn't mother nature wonderful?

  21. thanks for ur visit and comment on my poem....
    ur blog is superb...following....

  22. Thanks for your visit and comment on my blog.
    Happy birthday to your father!
    Gorgeous series of beautiful flowers, love them.
    Sorry I'm unable to help with the names.
    Greetings from Mette

  23. Your blog is interesting! The flower in the second picture is 'shankha pushpa' It comes in two three colours. Next one is 'touch me not' - a beautiful flower! I see this kind of vegetation, sort of 'fern' in our house at Udupi too!

    Our wishes and regards to your father!

    Thanks for visiting my blog!

  24. Thank you for your visit and comment on my blog"Green Tomato".
    You have shown beautiful native flowers! Especially the seventh photo catches my eyes. Your header is also beautiful. Is that your area?

  25. Happy New year Uncle....
    Lovely snaps. I send you a mail on Gmail ID pls have a look.

  26. It's really amazing.
    Beautiful pictures are stealing the heart.
    Mother nature's beauty is beyond imagination.

    Please,find time to visit my blog.
    Your presence and inspiring words
    always give me encouragement.

  27. nature is full of smiling flowers, thats I can see here.
    Amazing post.

  28. मुझे तो आपकी फोटोग्राफी से ईर्ष्या होती है।

  29. Some rare and gorgeous flowers...thanks for sharing. Belated Happy Birthday to your father!

  30. what beautiful pictures- lovely! Also congrats on your dad's 100th b'day last year in November! You posted on my mom's 81st birthday :)
    Again- loved each and every picture.