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Saturday, August 18, 2012

Nature has its own crayons

This morning I was checking my blog to find out as to how my previous post is faring in terms of “comments” received. There were no new additions to make me feel happy about. However, an uncharitable invite was peeping out to join the bandwagon of competitors for  Capture the color contest. Though it was not something unfathomable to identify photographs with the 5 colours but it was the thought of roping in 5 more gullible bloggers that was agonising. I also strongly feel the way Nisha has indicated while writing on the subject.
Its has now become incumbent on my part to make a quick search and produce whatever I have. I shall, however, desist from explaining the attributes, significance or otherwise of the various colors as they have been dealt with at length by many of my fellow bloggers so far.


Recently when I was on a visit to a wholesale fruit market in Chennai, I came across some red fruits looking like plums. On my enquiry, the vendor told me something in the vernacular which could not be registered in my brain.


On the 3rd of this month I received a telephone call from Coimbatore asking me to come out of my apartment at Chennai and to look at the sky to witness a beautiful view of the Sun having a disk around it. I went up and looked at the sky from the terrace of the building. It was all black clouds preventing the Sun to show off. This phenomenon was reported by our friend R. Ramakrishnan the same day in his post titled Disc around the Sun. While still on the terrace I looked around and noticed the Neem trees below full of fresh foliage.


White too has many shades. While at a garden in Srinagar, this flower known as Magnolia Grandiflora with its thick petals seemed something exotic.


Blue skies and blue waters have always been soothing to ones eyes. The Ekambareswara Temple tower (Gopuram) at Kancheepuram has a beautiful sky as its backdrop. I am yet to write about the splendid architecture of this temple complex.


The Papaya fruits on sale at Chennai fruit market. They have great medicinal properties apart from being tasty. “Pepsin” is derived from raw Papayas used in many stomach ailments.

Now the most undesirable and uncharitable part of this post is to rope in 5 more blogger friends to carry the contest forward. With due apologies I list them hereunder:


  1. आपकी फोटोग्राफी सदैव मुझे आकर्षित करती रही है। इस बार भी।

  2. PNS Sir: This is a fabulous post. Loved all the pics but the beautiful white Lily simply takes the cake. It is so pure,unpolluted & sublime. Have a great day.
    Thanks for listing me in this contest. I do not know if I can live up to expectations !
    Incidentally I am in Chennai for a day on 28 Feb'12. If you are in Chennai too we can meet and have some joint adventures together :) Warm Regards Ram

  3. This comment has been removed by the author.

  4. Corrections to my earlier comment:
    1.Please read as "Lily like flower".
    2.Read the date as 28 August 2012.
    Looks like I got out of the wrong side of the bed this morning - making so many errors !

  5. Beautiful captures, all of them! My favorite is the blue one. :)

  6. Lovely pics! The white blossom seems almost unreal- like a sculpture!

  7. lovely post ...loved the temple shot.

  8. Beautiful pictures! The white flower looks like plastic...beautiful. Liked the blue background of the temple and the green leaves.

  9. Those fruits are fresh dates PNS. Love that color a lot. Color is attractive but not so tasty like the dried and syrupy ones.

  10. WOWOW.. nature and the beautiful colors hmmmmmmmmmm.. and the papaya looks yummmyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy


  11. Hello PNS,

    Greetings and good wishes.

    I was pleasantly surprised that you are Kerala to celebrate your mums 80th birthday. Best wishes to your wonderful mom. Hope we will have an opportunity to meet and have a cup of tea one of these days and have a little chat.

    I am thrilled that you have asked me to post five photos with different colors. I will be happy to do so. But roping in five more bloggers will be a problem for me.

    Hope to meet you in person early next month,

  12. Nice one PNS..
    I can understand your sentiments about comments..
    but that is how the world is, we take more than we can give...
    in most cases, i suppose..

  13. आपकी यात्राएं बाइसे मसर्रत हैं।

    ईद की दिली मुबारकबाद।
    हर अदा पर निसार हो जाएँ...

  14. Hoping my comment will leave you feeling happy.

    Loving 'White', that flower is so pure, so delicate, so beautiful.

  15. Great subjects chosen. So well presented.

  16. प्रकृति को इतने करीब से बहुत कम लोग महसूस कर पाते हैं। हम इस बात के आभारी हैं कि आपके बहाने कुछ भाव हम तकभी पहुंच जाते हैं।

    डायन का तिलिस्‍म!
    हर अदा पर निसार हो जाएँ...

  17. Each one of them is simply beautiful. the leaves of the neem tree looks so symmetrical.

  18. what i love most is yellow!!

    yes, thats the most unappealing part of the tag...in fact i really dont like tags!!

    just did the post myself...coz it was opportunity to share my travel pics in a most innovative manner!!


  19. Nice theme and photos esp first one


  20. Beautiful selection of images. I love that temple shot. All the best.

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